Filling Holes & Cracks

Filling holes and cracks is an art.   

What type of filler do you use to fill holes?  The most common used product we use to fill holes and cracks is an epoxy made specifically for Travertine and Marble.  These products are the most difficult and expensive to use.  However, they give the best appearance and finished look of all fillers.   Since the use of these types of fillers can be so time consumming, we will typically try to address the largest and the bulk of your holes with this product first.  

Can grout be used to fill my holes?  Yes, most companies, installers and contractors will use a grout or grout like product to fill holes.  These products are not a permenant solution, they tend to shrink below the surface of the stone, and collect dirt faster.  For smaller or tiny holes, grout can be a good solution where epoxy can get into the holes.   Some Travertine floors come unfilled from the quarry.  At the time of installaiton, installers will fill in these holes with grout.   

Can the cracks in my floor be filled?  Sometimes they can be filled.  If the crack is wide enough, we can get the epoxy filler into the crack.  However, if the crack is a hairline crack, we may not be able to any filler into the crack.  

Note about cracks:  Replacing the cracked tiles can be an option.   However, the crack is most likely to return.  Thus, we suggest filled the cracks to allow the floor to ave movement.    


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