Terrazzo Cleaning

A Deep Cleaning process to clean Terrazzo grout to new (Note: Poured Terrazzo floors have brass or nickle in place of grout lines.  The brass and nickle or other metal material are restored during the process) 

Terrazzo was a popular choice of floor in during the early 1900's through about 1960.  Many people when they buy an older home are excited when they find terrazzo floors underneath carpet or other floor surfaces, including cheap ceramic tiles.  Terrazzo became very popular becuase they are the easiest floors to maintain.  Usually they do not have grout lines which eliminates the need to have to clean the grout.  A restored Terrazzo floor can look beautiful for 10 - 20 years.  However, like wood floors, they will eventually need to be lightly sanded (a process known as diamond honing).  Throughout the life of the floors, one will find it is much less costly to have Terrazzo floors than any other type of floor surface.   However, over the years, homeowners did not know what or how to restore the floors.  So they started waxing the floors with an acrylic finish.  This waxing of the floors locks in dirt.  The wax is soft and scuffs and scratches up easily.  Before you kknow it, home owners began covering the floors with carpet or tile.  

When we restore a Terrazzo floor, we strip off all the wax, diamond hone the floors to get back to the original stone.   A properly restored Terrazzo will look beautiful and give the home owner one of the easiest and least costly maintenance floors.

Terrazzo Care Guide

Quick Tips:

  • Dust Mop frequently.  Dust and grit are the number one reasone floors begin to look dirty.
  • Damp Mop routinely with less soap and clean water.  (Normally 1-2 ounces of cleaner per gallon of water)
  • Spot Clean with a marble cleaner for immediate spills.

Did you know?

  • Vinegar and other acid cleaners damage the surface of the stone.
  • Topical sealers (wax, mop n glow, floor shine products) last 1-6 months and must be stripped to restore floors.
  • Impregnating sealers are great at repelling oil and water.  But they are only oil and water resistant.  Application effects performance.
  • Sealers will not prevent scratches, acid burns (etching), rusting.  Sealers will keep these effects at the surface of the stone, but cannot prevent.

Preventative Tips:

  • Place walk off mats at all entrances.  Routinely clean mats to ensure they are effective.
  • Use protective pads on moving furniture.  Furniture that moves frequently tends to wear scratches and holes into stone quickly.
  • Ensure area rugs and mats can breathe.  Folding a rug over for a couple hours a month can prevent rug stains later.
  • Do not set acidic drinks (wine, coke, juices) on Terrazzo surfaces.


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