Marble Sealing

Sealing is essential for those who desire to preserve their floor’s natural beauty.

Cleaning a sealed floor is a snap. Sealed stone requires less effort and less aggressive cleaners. Quality sealers have been proven to reduce mold and bacteria. 

Which Sealer do I use?

A quality penetrating sealer designed for stone should be applied. However, one sealer does not fit all stones and situations. For example; A water-resistant sealer should be used in bathroom environments. Water and oil resistant sealers should be used in the Kitchen and living areas. Quality sealers may be purchased at your local tile store or our website. With our clean and seal process, we apply the best penetrating sealer for your stone type and stone location.

Should I Enhance or use Natural Sealer?

This question is a personal choice. Enhancer sealers are great for making slate and other stones look darker and colors richer. However, a good quality enhancer sealer has a life span of only 5 years and will need to be re-sealed every 1-3 years (depending on wear).

How often do I need to seal my stone?

Over time, sealers can begin to break down at the surface of the stone due to extensive wear, sunlight and chemicals used in general cleaning. If your sealer was not properly applied, then your sealer may break down even sooner. Stone should be cleaned and re-sealed periodically (3-5 years) to protect stone from irreversible damage.



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