Marble Honing

A wet-sanding process used on Marble, Limestone, and Onyx 

What is Marble honing (also called diamond honing)?    Marble honing is a sanding process to remove a thin layer of the stone.  The thin layer may be equivalent to the thickness of a fingernail.  All natural stone is mined from the earth and put through a diamond honing process to create a type of hone or polish look.  Over time, the stone will wear down much like wood floors.  We repeat this same process with the diamonds to restore your floors.

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What are the advantages of Travertine honing or Marble honing? Marble honing will remove light scratches and wear, stains, and smells impregnated into the surface of the stone.  Marble floors will become discolored over time which will hide the natural colors and movement within the stone.  Additionally, light scratches or wear can cause a floor to look dull and dirty.   However, these scratches and wear cannot be removed without diamond honing (sanding) past the scratches.  Note that deep scratches can be removed with a diamond grinding process.

Will the Marble honing create dust?   No, the Marble honing (sanding) process is done with water to eliminate dust.

Do all companies use the same method for honing marble?   No, most companies do not invest in diamond pads because they are very exspensive.  The use of these diamond abrasive honing pads is what sets us apart from our competition. 

What are the advatages to using diamond abrasive pads?  Diamond abraisive pads cut the travertine floors flat and perfectly.  At the stone quarry, they use these same diamond abraisives to create the finish and look of marble.  With the process of using these pads to restore travertine to new, we can ensure that your marble will look as good or better then new and will last as long as a new installed floor.  

Arlington Marble Polishing

What if my floor has sever lippage (uneven marble tiles)?    Unfortunately, we can not run diamond abrasive pads accross a floor that has too much lippage (uneven tiles).  Since diamonds pads need to cut flat and smooth to get the best look, we will need to remove the lippage first or consider other options.   

I had a company do my marble floors and they did not look as good as those in your pictures, Why? What was the difference? (I get this question alot)  As more companies begin offering Marble cleaning services, the quality of the finished product has dropped in recent years.  The main reason is the introduction of diamond impregnated pads, and polishing powders.   Although diamond impregnated pads and polishing powders are not bad by themselves, many companies rely on them alone to restore floors.  These pads and polishes use resins to pop shines and make a floor look good for a few months.   Since we use diamond abraisive pads designed for travertine, your floors will actually wear like a new floor.      

What is the difference of Diamond-impregnated Maintenance pads and the original diamond pads?  Diamond-impregnated maintenance pads buff the surface of your floors.  The original diamond pads remove a thin layer of the stone.  We use diamond restoration pads to ensure your floors look the best they can possibly look when we are finished.



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