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Tom B.

Work Completed Date: October 8, 2016 Approximate Cost: $2,200

Not the cheapest, so I chose a lower bidder. Man do I regret it. Cry once and use this company. My floors look new after they put their work into them. The tile company that installed our tile used the wrong type of sealant that made the floors look filthy over time. Two companies tried to strip them, but failed miserably.
This will be my go to for any future flooring needs.

 Haroon A.

Work Completed Date: July 2015 Approximate Cost: $1,100

Everything went very well. They were punctual, courteous and professional. And my wife and I were very happy with the results. Our marble floor never looked as good, even when it was newly installed. I will use them again, and recommend them highly

Bhupen G.

Work Completed Date: Feb 2015 Approximate Cost: $2,900

Amazing transformation of our Travertine floor by Bizaillion. Very impressed with with the results. Thought of replacing the floor at 10 times the cost vanished. The final outcome matched the pictures David showed at the time of quoting. This is not just a cleaning service.......there is technology and experience involved...besides hard work. For sure, this can NOT be a DIY project. David and his crew are impressive...hardworking, honest, courteous and they pay attention to details that surprised us. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Bizaillion.

Joan M.

Work Completed Date: Jan/Feb 2015

Your guys are amazing!!!!!!  They are so nice and the work they do........well, I couldn't ask for anything more.  I will continue to recommend you to every one I know who is in need of tile cleaning, etc.  Thank you so very much.

I will put a check in the mail Monday.  Again, thank you for another great job!!!

Harry Balser

Work Completed Date: Oct 17, 2014

Dave provided an estimate for our travertine floors and performed the work as promised.  On day one, they brought a team of 4 to jump start the job and get the furniture moved.  They were on time and worked from 8-6pm.  They taped off the walls with plastic sheets to protect the paint and baseboards.  They were neat, tidy and easy to work with as they restored the stone with a series of machine driven diamond pads.  They started with a course sanding and worked up to a fine honing.  They put jus the amount of shine and luster that we were wanting.  They then cleaned and sealed the surface.  All the furniture was returned and set where we directed.

Deborah F.

Work Completed Date: Oct 8, 2014 Approximate Cost: $1,600

They were great. It was an excellent experience.  I was very happy with them.  I was very pleased with them.

Robert B.

Work Completed Date: June 12th, 2013 Approximate Cost: $650

I was thoroughly impressed. You have my business and recommendations to my colleagues and friends.
Your crew was clean, courteous, friendly, efficient, and thorough. You should be proud.

Michael E.

Work Completed Date: June 10th, 2013 Approximate Cost: $825

Bizaillion restoration did an awesome job on getting my floors sealed and polished. I was also glad they got out to my house when I needed them to due to getting other parts of my home remodel. And, the guys were quick and very professional. Highly recommend this company to anyone needing their services.

Sylvester K.

Work Completed Date: April 24th, 2013 Approximate Cost: $1,650

Fabulous work! After 8 yrs of family life our travertine floors had been hit by the "triple D."  That is Dirty, Dull, and Deteriorating.  David Bizaillion and his crew came in and made the floors look brand new and the deteriorating spots disappear. Even cleaned my travertine shower.  Great professional service and I would use them again.   - Syl K.

Whitney B.

Work Completed Date: February 21, 2012 Approximate Cost: $7,000.00

We have lived in our home for 6 years. We moved in after building it and have not had the floors professionally cleaned other than our normal day to day cleaning. After having them cleaned by Bizaillion Floors, they look exactly like than the day we moved in! We are so happy with the results. They gave a complete and itemized quote with each area of the home and price broken down. It was nice that we could choose what areas we wanted cleaned and could save others for another day, however, we decided to have all our areas treated.

The crew (David, Miguel & Pancho) were all fantastic! Miguel and Pancho are very hard working and pay attention to detail. They went above and beyond by filling in missing grout, re-caulking in bathrooms. They also were great at making certain we were happy as they were completing the job. I wish all contractors cared like they did!

The final invoice was the exact same amount as the agreed upon estimate.

We are so happy with the job they did and look forward to using them again in the future!

Barry P.
Work Completed Date: November 17, 2011 Approximate Cost: $4,725.00

Description Of Work:  
Cleaned, polished, and sealed travertine flooring throughout our house as well as marble flooring, countertops, and shower walls in the master bathroom.

Bizaillion Floors was very responsive to our call to get an estimate for the work we needed done. It had been 13 years since the house was built and the time for a cleaning and sealing of our travertine floors was long overdue. After submitting an estimate, we scheduled a four-day span the following week for completing the job. Miguel and Pancho were the two workers, and they arrived at the house on the date and time arranged and were very professional in their work. They completed the job within the four days estimated. We highly recommend them for their quality work and positive demeanor.

Sheguit, B.
Work Completed Date: February 06, 2012 Approximate Cost: $1,000.00

Description Of Work:  
Travertine tile floor had to be resurfaced due to improper finishing during installation and portions of the perimeter grout had to be corrected as well.

David and his crew did a great job on our floor! The work was done on time and under the estimate given. They even helped me move furniture after the work was done.

Herrera, C.
Work Completed Date: December 20, 2011 Approximate Cost: $1,300.00

Description Of Work:  
Bizaillion Floors resurfaced, cleaned, polished,and grouted area in my home.

They were responsive, experienced, and competent. Bizaillion Floors was able to remove stains from marble we thought would never come out. We are pleased with their services, and would use them again.

Tessier, C.
Work Completed Date: March 04, 2011 Approximate Cost: $1,500.00

Description Of Work:  
I had been thinking of replacing my beautiful slate floors but not any more- when done right they are beautiful. They also did the living room and it looks perfect. They will be back regularly to maintain them.

Excellent service

Ralph N.
Work Completed Date: February 15, 2011 Approximate Cost: $1,280.00

Description Of Work:  
I have a huge dining room/den open area tiled in porcelain 12" tiles. They had not been professionally cleaned, before. The grout was horribly dirty and stained. Bizaillion Floors cleaned the tile, then stained/sealed the grout.

The crew arrived right on time. They described in detail exactly how the process would go and they started immediately. He said they'd be done around 230pm and they were. The floor looks brand new. They even removed the soot marks off the tile surround on the fireplace and the rust marks from the couch feet. Better, yet, the grout is now impervious to stains. I'm so thrilled with the floor and with Bizaillion Floors. We will definitely have them back to do our music room. I never dreamed they could get the floor this beautiful.

Byron N.
Work Completed Date: April 14, 2011 Approximate Cost: $650.00

Description Of Work:  
I wanted the grout in my kitchen cleaned and stained (back to the original color). It was approximately 250 sq.ft. of tile with a wide grout line.

I have lived in this house for more than 10 years and I have struggled to find a way to keep the kitchen floor grout clean. it is a very light floor with light grout. I have cleaned it by hand with a tooth brush, with a grout brush, I have steamed it and I have had it professionally cleaned and sealed. I have sealed it myself as well as having it professionally done. I have tried something new every year to 18 months. Regardless of the method, in less than a month the grout looked horrible. Over the years several of the service providers offered to "stain" or "paint" my grout and I was skeptical that it would work and it is a little more expensive than just a clean and seal. This year, I decided I had tried everything else and I was ready for the "permanent" solution. The process of staining or painting the grout includes an in depth clean followed by the application of a product which will change the color of your grout and should last about 7-10 years. I tried contacting several vendors before I called Bizaillion Floors. Larry spent 15-20 minutes on the phone with me discussing my requirements and walking me through his process. He outlined the work to be done. When I told him I wanted to move forward, he asked me for my desired date and told me he would call back within a couple hours to tell me if they could do that date. He did call back and confirm they could do the work on the day I wanted. There was a two guy team that showed up on time the day of service. They used plastic to protect everything that didn't move and moved everything that would. They spent 2 hours just cleaning the floor. Then they did a grout line in each of 4 colors and let me pick the one that I thought looked best. Then they proceeded with the work. They had me look at the finished work and approve that I was happy. While it has only been 2 weeks since the floor was done, it looks just as good as the first day. The floor looks better than the day we moved in and I am optimistic that it will continue to look good. I am happy with the solution as well as the provider.

Linda C.
Work Completed Date: March 02, 2012 Approximate Cost: $300.00

Description Of Work:  
David Bizaillion is a pro! Honest, ethical and professional and very hard working! The job was to repolish some travertine in my master bath shower! Not a big job, but he treated it with the same importance! My stone looks like new and I am a very, very satisfied customer! It is such a relief to get the job done right!


Ed B.
Work Completed Date: November 11, 2012 Approximate Cost: $3,200.00

Description Of Work:  
We have travertine and slate flooring that needed cleaning and fixed.

They stripped the slate floors, cleaned everything up well, cleaned and replaced the grout. The travertine flooring was polished and looks great.

Everything looks greats, high ended. Really happy with the service.

All of this at really good pricing. All questions were answered thorough and satisfactory.

Lois W.
Work Completed Date: October 02, 2012 Approximate Cost: $900.00

Description Of Work:  
On this occasion, the team cleaned & sealed the tile floors throughout the entire 1st floor, approximately 750 square feet. The results are close to "new", and I'm delighted & amazed at the change every time I pass into those rooms! We have been in the home for 13 years, and had this done by a carpet cleaning company long ago, with a very disappointing outcome. My advice - use Bizallion!

The team showed up on time, moved all the furniture/rugs, replaced everything once done. Without being asked, they even repaired some cracked tiles with a marble filler, making the cracks disappear!

Naushad P.
Work Completed Date: August 22, 2012 Approximate Cost: $5,100.00

Description Of Work:  
David knows his business. He is an expert in natural stone. He provided me a competitive bid and never pressured to make a sale. I will rehire David any day and at any time. If you are looking for a cheap polishing company, than keep looking. David is not the guy to call for a cheap and inferior work. He provided quality service at my home and even came back and spend full day in correcting errors without hesitation.

All in all, I will recommend David to anyone.

Excellent execution. Start to finish. David is a Pro. Not some cheap provider who will cut corners and provide a low bid.

Cynthia S.
Work Completed Date: March 30, 2012 Approximate Cost: $450.00

Description Of Work:  
David was hired to restore our marble flooring in our master bath. This floor was installed in 2000 and was showing moderate signs of wear.

David and his crew did an outstanding job. We had our marble floors refinished and polished in our master bath. David took extra time to make sure our floors looked brand new. We contemplated on having the floor replaced in our bathroom originally but are 100 % happy we chose to have them refinished instead. We would not hesitate to recommend David to anybody who is in need of floor restoration

Alan H.
Work Completed Date: September 06, 2011 Approximate Cost: $2,000.00

Description Of Work:  
Cleaned, polished and sealed travertine floors (including the grout) throughout the living room, dining room and kitchen.

David and his crew did an outstanding job of cleaning, revitalizing and polishing our travertine floors. The staff was professional, experienced, conscientious and very competent. They promised and delivered exceptional service and a fabulous final product. The floors all look brand new! We would definitely rate Bizallion's work at the highest level and feel very confident about recommending them to all who appreciate excellence.

Paul Shultz
1002 Navarro Drive
Allen, TX 75013
Work Completed Date: August 15, 2009 Approximate Cost: $600.00

Description Of Work:  
Cleaned and polished marble floors and cabinet tops

They came by and inspected our needs, provided written estimate, scheduled the work, and executed well. Beautiful results. Clearly done with pride. Would hire again.

Pamela H.
Work Completed Date: January 15, 2011 Approximate Cost: $455.00

Description Of Work:  
Our marble master bathroom vanity and sandstone powder room vanity had been damaged (acid / other inappropriate chemicals) by previous owners. Bizaillion Floors cleaned, honed, polished and sealed both vanities.

Very impressed with David Bizaillion and his crew. David and his crew were all professional, timely, and cleaned-up all mess made during the repairs. The damaged sandstone countertop looks brand new.

Donna B.
Work Completed Date: November 14, 2012 Approximate Cost: $2,500.00

Description Of Work:  
Restoration of my travertine floors.

David, owner of Bizallion, was 1 of 3 bids I received. He was competitively priced, explained everything that was going to happen. The nicest guys did the floors. On time everyday! Great experience A+++.




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